Create Automated Emails/SMS Texts

So, you’ve built your Playbooks, added your users, and now you’re ready to share drive your users into the account.

It’s time to create your automated emails in PlaybookBuilder!  We think this is a really exciting next step for you. 

Imagine the possibilities:

  1.  Welcome new users to the platform
  2. Acknowledge users for completing assignments
  3. Remind users to log in if they’ve been away for awhile
  4. Build a “drip email” sequence to automate a string of emails or texts with links to the content
  5. Welcome a user to a new playbook they’ve been added to

Let’s get started!

First, let’s go to the Communications Area and click on Campaigns

Next let’s create a NEW EMAIL

Let’s do this one step at a time:

  1.  Name:  This should be a name for the email that will remind you of what it is.  Don’t worry users won’t see these names when they get your messages.
  • Subject Line:  This part will be seen by users so write something that is clear and direct

  • Content:  Add your text here.  Remember you can add {firstname}, {lastname} and other short cuts to simplify.
  • Include Link to Playbook content:  You have the option to select specific links to the content inside of your Playbooks.  Click that box and explore your options.

  • SMS Text Messaging:  Would you like to send this as Text instead?  Or add a text message in addition to your email to make sure your message is read?  Once you select “Send Text”, you’ll see the window opens to insert 100 characters of text.

  • Associated Teams:  Now select your teams for the communication
  • Campaign Trigger:  Let’s decide on which Trigger to use:
    • User Created – once they are added to your PlaybookBuilder account they will receive this email from you
    • Previous Email:  Create a string of emails using this trigger.  Once you select the previous email and the Email Timing, you’ve created an email automation
    • Completed first Playbook:  When your user completes their first Playbook they can receive a message from you.
    • Completed first Quiz:  When your user completes their first Quiz they can receive a message from you.
    • Logged a certain amount of time:  When your user logs time in the Playbook you can acknowledge them.  Set the time in the Email Time window.
    • Inactive for a certain amount of time:  Our favorite.  Remind users to hop back into PlaybookBuilder without ever having to run a report or remember to remind them. 
    • Completed a Playbook:  Once a user completes a Playbook you can send them an email or text.
    • Added to a Playbook: Once a is added to a Playbook you can send them an email or text welcoming them.

Finally set up the timing of your email campaign delivery. If you select “0” it will send immediately. You can select days or even hours.

You’re done! And if you get these automations working and you’ll sleep better knowing PlaybookBuilder is reaching out to your people even when you can’t!