Enabling Customer Payments Add-on

The Customer Payments Add-on is enabled on the Account Billing screen. Click the ‘Add’ button to enable the feature in your PlaybookBuilder account.

Payments Administration Screen

Once enabled, you’ll find a new link added to the top-right navigation menu entitled ‘Payments’.

Payments Dashboard

The dashboard for the payment area will include any recent orders processed by the account. Before accepting any payments, you’ll need to connect your PlaybookBuilder account to your Stripe account. This is done on the settings screen.

Payments Settings

You’ll need your Stripe API keys to link it to your Stripe account. These can be found by following the documentation provided by Stripe here
Your account can begin accepting payments with just the Stripe Live Publishable API Key and the Stripe Live Secret API key. However, the Stripe Live Webhook Signing Secret will be required to handle feedback from Stripe actions (such as payment failures, etc.). Webhooks can be created in your Stripe account at https://dashboard.stripe.com/webhooks. You will need to copy and paste the Webhook URL (located below the signing secret prompt) when creating your webhook endpoint in Stripe. Upon creation, there will be a signing secret key.
Enter all 3 values into their respective fields on the ‘Settings’ screen.