How to Send an Alert

One of our favorite features in PlaybookBuilder is the ability to TEXT or EMAIL an Alert out to your team linking them to content inside of a Playbook. In this tutorial we’ll show you how to create and measure them.

Find the Alerts Area:
You’ll find the Alerts area in the Communication section of PlaybookBuilder’s right side menu.

Select Alerts:
Alerts is the second option from the left.

Select who the Alert is being sent to
Select user, team, playbook of users or the entire company. It’s up to you.

Next, decide the type of Alert: Message or Link
Let’s select “Link” so we can include a hyperlink into your Playbook – but enjoy using the Message function too!

Now we can provide a name for your Alert
This is the message title that your user will see when they receive your Alert.

Decide if you’ll send it as an email, a text or both

Next add your text and send it

Want to send it later? Or have it send on a recurring basis? Ok!

Or recurring:

Pending Alerts:
Take a look at your Pending Alerts, edit and delete them if needed.

Sent Alerts:
Want to see the Alerts that you’ve already sent?