The ALL PLAYBOOKS Area is where you can do several important things:  Create new playbooks, change their order in the lineup, hide (or what we call “Archive”) Playbooks from view, inspect, edit, and clone playbooks.  You can also delete them here.

You find the ALL PLAYBOOKS Area by clicking from the Playbooks drop down menu.

Let’s look at the options:

Changing the Order Of Playbooks:

Changing the Order Of Playbooks is simple, using the icon on the left of the Playbook, simply right click and drag the Playbook to the correct order in the lineup.  It will save automatically.

Archiving a Playbook

Simply click the radio button and the Playbook is no longer visible to any user.

Inspect a Playbook

Simply click this icon and you’ll be taken to this Playbook to view it

Editing a Playbook

Editing a Playbook enables you to change the name, add a welcome video, create processes all in the same way you created that Playbook originally. 

Clone a Playbook

Sometimes the fastest path to building a new Playbook is to clone an existing one and then make edits.  You can clone an entire Playbook – assets and all – using the clone icon.

Delete a Playbook

Use the Trashcan icon to delete a Playbook. You will see a warning pop-up before PlaybookBuilder allows you to delete it.