Terms and Conditions Pop-Up

Sometimes, you want to protect your IP more aggressively. If you do, we want to help. 

Our new Terms and Conditions Pop Up was designed to help you easily add a disclosure pop-up to the login process for new (and existing) users.

To set it up is really easy, especially if you have your legal text ready to go.

First: Head to the Account Settings area in your account
About3/4 of the way down the page you’ll see the button to enable the Pop-Up.

Second: Add your text and save it. You’re done.

Pop Up


What happens next?
Once you’ve saved it, now anytime a user logs into PlaybookBuilder (new or existing) they’ll see the pop-up and be required to agree to it.

Can I make this functionality live for SOME Teams and not others?
No. Not at this time.

Why would I want this enabled?
You might be using PlaybookBuilder as a courseware or to license your IP to others. You might be using PlaybookBuilder with a group of users you want to protect from doing something thoughtless (like unwittingly stealing your ideas). Or you might just feel like it’s a good corporate policy. Since it’s optional, you don’t have to add it but now have the option.

Who sees this?
Everyone who is listed as a User or an Admin will get the Disclosure Pop-Up.

Is it only for NEW Users or Existing ones too?
Your NEW and EXISTING Users will get the Pop-Up.

Where does the Agreement reside once a User agrees to it?
Your User’s signing date of the Agreement will reside in the User’s Profile.

We sincerely hope that helps you feel even more secure with your content!

Happy Playbooking!!