Version Management Feature

Need to keep track of changes to your documentation? We added a slick new feature to help. Our Version Management Feature now allows a simple log to track changes and a date record so you can see when a document was added.

Version Management

We’ll explain the features here.

ONE: Click the EDIT icon next to a FILE inside of a STEP.
To access this feature, click the EDIT icon. Once you do, you’ll see a pop out from the right side of the screen. First you may wish to add a note in the LOG. You can easily do that in the DESCRIPTION field on the top.

Next you can REPLACE a file by clicking the button REPLACE FILES. In doing so you will upload the most current version of your File. Automatically, PlaybookBuilder will update the date on the bottom of the Version Management window for this file replacing the old date with today’s date.

Hit SAVE on the bottom right and you’re done.

You’re all set! Happy Playbooking!!