Task List Widget

Would you like to make a Task or To Do List in PlaybookBuilder? Now you can with this simple but valuable addition to the assets dashboard.  You’ll love it because you now have another level of direction in each step. Your users will love it because PlaybookBuilder tracks their progress individually in each Task List so each time they check in they can check off a few items and not lose track.

We’ll take you through Task List creation step by step.

ONE: Creating a new Task List
When you edit a STEP now, you’ll see the option to add a Task List.

First, click the Task List Button on the Step

Next, Start adding TASKS…

TWO: Add tasks to your TASK LIST

To add a task to your task list, click the button on the top right corner of the pop-up. Name your Task and add a description if needed. Then click save – which will set you up to add your next task or to save the Task List and close it.                  

The task list is quite easy to use – now get creative!

You’re all set! Happy Playbooking!!