Using the File Manager

The File Manager allows you to move a process, step, or file from one playbook to another. It also allows you to bulk upload multiple files and assign them to specific playbooks.

You can access the File Manager by clicking on the link in the top right drop down menu.

Let’s look at the layout:

The left panel contains all playbooks in your account. The right panel contains all assets in your account separated by type. The recent uploads contains just the most recently uploaded files. Once a recent file has been assigned, it will no longer be displayed in the recent uploads listings.

Bulk Uploading File(s)

Click the ‘Upload’ button at the top of the Asset Library panel to open the upload drawer at the bottom of the screen
You can then either drag and drop files (or a folder) from your computer or click to select them individually.
An upload preview will display the current upload progress

Assigning an Asset to a Playbook/Process/Step

Drag and drop an asset from the Asset Library into the desired location

Moving a Process or Step From One Playbook to Another

Drag and drop the process or step to the desired location