Gated Access Feature

Decide if users can cruise through your Playbooks like a Wiki or only get access when you say they can.  We think you’ll love this. 

Gated Access answered a question a number of users had: How can I control access to information so users are limited to seeing information only when we want them to?

Gated Access is a great feature if you want to offer an online course, or you have information that you’d like to release in a set sequence. In this article we’ll show you how to set up this feature and how your users will experience it.

ONE: Finding the Gated Access Feature
When you edit a Playbook now, you’ll see the toggle option to activate Gated Access.

First, click the Edit Playbook Button located on the Right of the Playbook Name:

Next, scroll down until you see the Gated Access Toggle Button. Toggle it to ON for more options.

TWO: Select either “Time Based” or “Completion Based” Access

Completion Based Access:
Access to playbook is linear based on the last item completed. This is the default option when enabling gated access but can be adjusted individually.

Time Based Access:
Access to playbook is linear based on when the user first gained access. Date ranges are set individually.

THREE: If Time Based, Select the Time Interval
Set the timeframe for each process to become available for each user. The duration is calculated from the date that the user first gained access to the playbook.                               

Ex: setting a timeframe of 1 week for a playbook with 4 processes will immediately give the user access to the first process. After 1 week, they will gain access to the second process. Another week later, the third process. And so on.

FOUR: Controlling Access to Steps
We also made it so you can now control user’s interaction with Steps. Do you want to control the order that steps are viewed? You now can!

FIVE: Your User’s Experience
The user will see “Locked” on Processes they are not yet able to access. They will STILL be able to see those processes and read the title – they simply won’t be able to click those and access the steps inside.

Once a process is “released” you user will receive an email giving them access.

You’re all set! Happy Playbooking!!