PlaybookBuilder Overview

What is PlaybookBuilder?

PlaybookBuilder is a knowledge management platform designed to help businesses quickly and easily share important ideas and training to keep everyone on the same page.

We organized PlaybookBuilder around the idea that video is an easier and more personal medium for communication, and so Playbooks rely heavily on video as a training tool. However, you can also associate text, images, quizzes, links, even QR Codes to topics to ensure learners get a complete portrait.

Who is PlaybookBuilder for?

Teams, New or Prospective Hires, Clients, Paying Customers or Members, Vendors, and Board Members are some of the most common audiences for Playbooks. Pretty much anyone who needs to be kept in the loop about HOW and WHY something is done a certain way in your organization needs access to your Playbooks.

What exactly are Playbooks?

A Playbook is a collection of information in various mediums (text, images, video) all arranged in a thoughtful way to help someone else on your team to know or do something a certain way.

Playbooks can be created to train someone how to do a ROLE like an admin, sales rep, advisor, etc. They can be used to support single EVENTS like on-boarding new hires, or TRAININGS about various topics organized as a curriculum.

Can I charge people to access my Playbook?

Yes, you certainly can. We provide a robust payment set-up that connects to Stripe.

Is PlaybookBuilder another LMS software?

Playbook is different from an LMS in a few ways. One: Because the content is created by YOU, PlaybookBuilder allows you to share the best practices of your own people. Two: Unlike an LMS that teaches in a limited step-by-step approach, PlaybookBuilder doesn’t restrict or limit access to content once permission to enter a Playbook is granted. In doing so, your people can keep updating their learning over and over instead of just one time. Third: PlaybookBuilder has powerful tools to ensure your audience are using the platform on an ongoing basis.

Think of PlaybookBuilder like a company campfire – the place where everyone goes for stories, best practices, and the latest policies and procedures.

Five Cool Things About PlaybookBuilder

  1. You can create drip emails from PlaybookBuilder to keep your learners plugging away on their assignments. And PlaybookBuilder is so smart you can even program it to automatically email or text people who haven’t logged in recently to remind them to get back in.
  2. You can TEXT users with links to their training – right directly from the application.
  3. You can create videos right inside the application itself if you are using Chrome as your browser.
  4. You can create QR Codes inside of PlaybookBuilder, print them out and associate physical objects (like equipment, a specific room, or a vehicle) with training.
  5. You can pull extremely detailed reports on user behaviors on the platform so you can see how they are consuming your content.

We hope you enjoy PlaybookBuilder and welcome your ideas and insights!