Creating Quizzes / Surveys

Creating quizzes is a valuable and important addition to your Playbooks. By using forms you can streamline the onboarding process, enhance the connection with a user, and measure their internalizing of information.

Let’s get started!

  1. First Create a Quiz

Quizzes are located in STEPS and are enabled by

2. Next, Name Your Quiz

3. You’ve now created a Quiz Asset to a Step. Now let’s edit the quiz. Please select the edit icon which will open the Quiz Editing Widget.

4. Now let’s begin to add questions and scoring criteria

a. Feel free to rename your quiz and provide some context language to help explain what’s covered or why you’re asking for the information you are.
b. Select the “Questions” tab along the top tool bar. It’s the center option.
c. With our quiz function you can add True and False, Multiple Choice, or open Text to a question.
d. Add your questions and select the corresponding correct answer for each
e. Make certain to SAVE your question each time you add one by scrolling down and selecting the “Save Question” button. If you mistakenly click the Save and Close, you’ll lose your question and have to re-enter it.

5. Next, we’ll adjust the settings for your quiz

a. Decide if you’d like to randomize the questions or the answers to your quiz – keep them guessing!
b. Then, using the slider, decide on the Passing Score, the Retake Percentage (how low they need to score in order to be asked to retake it, and how many times you’d like to allow them to retake the quiz).
c. Then add the email for the person who is to be notified once the quiz is completed. You CAN add multiple recipients, and what criteria merits an email – passing or failing!
d. Finally, select Published and your quiz is live! Save and close and you’re on your way.

Once you publish your Quiz, you’ll see that it’s live and accessible for viewing in your PlaybookBuilder by Users.