Teams Management

Teams allow Super Admins to provide select audiences with access to various Playbooks.

For example:

  1. You add a new user and want to make sure they see your New Hire Onboarding Playbook – but not everything else you have in your account. You create a “New Hire” Team and add those users to it only.
  2. You would like to charge your Clients to access a Playbook but don’t want them poking around in your entire account seeing how you train your people. You create a Team called “Clients” and invite them in.
  3. You have a remote office in Chicago and wish to communicate with them exclusively about office-specific procedures or announcements. You might have users that belong to Teams like Sales, Admin, or Client Service, but you also create a Team called “Chicago” and then add those users to it.
  4. You have a training that you’d like to break into parts, so you create phases and add users to it, phase by phase as they complete the training.

Teams grant you the power to control access to information and in doing so, create a better user experience. We hope you’re using Teams in your account and if not, take a look below at how easy it is to set them up!

Step One: Select Teams from the right-side menu

Step Two: Click on NEW on the top right.

Step Three: Add your new Team name and description

Step Four: Add the Users associated with it (click Add User)

Step Five: Add the Playbook/s associated with the Team (click Add Playbooks)

All set! Now when you add a new user, you can also add them to their team.